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Serial over Network

Serial to Ethernet Connector is a perfect network serial port kit that is aimed to solve the task of accessing serial devices over network. Not only you can access remote devices, but also share COM ports in order to access them from multiple remote locations. What really makes our serial over network solution stand out is its availability for Windows OS and Linux OS computers.
Available for Windows, Linux and Windows Mobile

Common problem

It is not always possible to unplug serial device and connect it to another computer whenever you need it there. How often do we find ourselves looking for a solution that allows sharing serial port over network? You just found it here!

How Serial to Ethernet Connector solves it

Serial to Ethernet Connector offers the most convenient way of accessing serial port over network thanks to sharing serial port devices to network. I.e. local COM port of a computer on the network transforms into a network serial port, which becomes accessible for connections from remote computers. So thanks to Serial to Ethernet Connector any device with serial port network connection is available for other computers over network.

All needed to achieve that is install Serial to Ethernet Connector on the PC where you are going to share serial port (server side) and on the computers which will be accessing this port (client sides).
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Real-life usage of Serial to Ethernet Connector

Q: What were your main challenges which made you search for this kind of software?

Shaun Mumford: We have a major investment in equipment including specialist items like Hardware Security Modules which have a fairly high unit cost. These HSMs we have are serially connected and we needed to move one of the units to our Disaster Recovery Site. At the same time we wanted to use the HSM for our tests system that is based at our main site. This required us to share a Serial Device with option of local and remote access.
Personal Background: Shaun Mumford has been involved in IT since 1985 and is outstanding at understanding requirements and ensuring that the correct solutions are developed.

Industry: Paynet Kenya Limited

Q: How are you using our product now? And what are you using it for?

Shaun Mumford: We have been able to move the Serial HSM to a Remote Site. Using Serial to Ethernet Connector we can access the Hardware Security Modules from our test system as if it is local. In the event of us needing to activate our Disaster Recovery Site we will be able to simply switch to our DRP located Application and enable the HSM there to be used as the live unit.

Q: How did you actually benefit from using Serial to Ethernet Connector?

Shaun Mumford: We have the security of the HSM at the DRP Site, without reducing our ability to use it as a test unit on a daily basis. Serial to Ethernet Connector has saved us between 3000 and 10000 USD which we would have had to spend to purchase another HSM.

Share serial port to network

Turn your computer into a Windows or Linux network serial port server - share serial port over the network and access it easily from remote computers.

Easily access serial port over network

Serial to Ethernet Connector is an ultimate network serial port server software. With its help you can create network virtual serial port, connect an application to it and communicate with a serial device or another application of a remote machine.

Access serial device over IP

Serial to Ethernet Connector features the possibility to connect to serial port devices connected directly to the network. All you’ll need to achieve that is to create virtual client connection inside Serial to Ethernet Connector and indicate the address/port of the device.

Redirect COM port inside virtual session

You won't experience any issue with redirecting serial ports to Hyper-V, Virtual PC, VMWare and others with Serial to Ethernet Connector.
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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Access remote serial port over IP Network for Windows
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