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Serial over IP

Serial to Ethernet Connector allows working with serial devices that support Telnet protocol. Thanks to this possibility, you can connect directly to remote devices over IP and work with them as if they were plugged into your local machine.
Available for Windows, Linux and Windows Mobile

Common problem

Are you desperately seeking for a serial over IP software to access COM port device connected directly to the network? Serial to Ethernet Connector brilliantly solves it as it allows working with serial devices connected to the network via a Telnet or TCP/ IP connection.

How Serial to Ethernet Connector solves it

The devices mentioned feature IP address and TCP port to wait for the incoming connections. Simply install Serial to Ethernet Connector and create virtual client connections there. Then specify the IP addresses and TCP ports of your devices and experience flawless serial over network communication.

Moreover with SEC you can create connection and broadcast/listen to serial port data over network using UDP protocol.
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Real-life usage of Serial to Ethernet Connector

Q: What challenges made you search for this kind of software?

Luuk Oudshoorn: Four fellow students and I are working on a project in which we build our own satellite. We have to pass some information from this satellite to a Java application on our computer through the serial ports. This proved to be difficult for us to accomplish using Java, because it is platform independent and we need a platform dependent program to read the ports. That's why we started searching for a program that could pass the information to our application.
Personal Background: Luuk Oudshoorn is 17 years old and he lives in Zwolle, a city in the east of the Netherlands. He is currently in pre-university education, this is his fifth year. Together with four other students Luuk is working on a project, or actually a competition, in which they have to build their own satellite in a beer can.

Q: Please, describe how you are using our product now.

Luuk Oudshoorn: We are currently using Serial to Ethernet Connector to read our serial ports and send the data through TCP/IP. All we had to do was create two servers and start listening in our application. We didn't even have to go through any difficult data exchange before we could start receiving information, we only have to read the ports.

Q: How did you benefit from using "serial over IP" solution?

Luuk Oudshoorn: We now have an even easier connection to our satellite than we could have hoped for in the past. Serial to Ethernet Connector software has run perfectly so far. I made the connection only once, after I installed the software, after this I never had to change it. I still use the configuration features, but only to test if the connection to my satellite is working without having to start my own application.

Share serial port to network

Turn your computer into a network serial port server with Serial to Ethernet Connector - share Windows or Linux network serial port and connect to it from remote Linux and Windows machines.

Access serial port over Ethernet

With Serial to Ethernet Connector you can create virtual serial port, connect a program to it and work with real serial device or another program on remote computer on the same network.

Serial port network connection over IP

Serial to Ethernet Connector makes connecting to serial devices that are connected directly to the network easy and convenient. Simply create virtual client connection in Serial to Ethernet Connector and input the IP address and port of the device.

Redirect serial port inside the virtual session

Serial to Ethernet Connector supports virtualization of ports for various systems, such as Virtual PC, Hyper-V, VMWare, etc.
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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Access remote serial port over IP Network for Windows
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