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Serial Port Analyzer

Making use of a dedicated software application is the most efficient method of monitoring and analyzing a system’s serial data communication. You can use RS232 Analyzer to monitor and log transmission across serial interfaces that employ the RS232, RS422, or RS485 protocols. It’s a great tool for developers of serial devices or applications as it is an effective way to debug issues that come up during development.

This serial port communication software contains many advanced features that allow you to easily filter, search, and export your data. It provides a user-friendly interface and is also a Modbus protocol analyzer, supporting both Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII.

The RS485 analyzer application is designed to run on the Windows operating system and both a Standard and PRO version is available.

A common problem

If you are involved with the development of serial devices you are well aware of the importance of having an RS232 spy application in your toolbox. You need to be able to reliably monitor status messages and event notifications moving in both directions to assist in accurately debugging your work. This ability will also come in handy when installing new equipment as you can monitor its behavior in real time.

RS232 Protocol Analyzer solves the problem

RS232 Analyzer lets you communicate with devices or applications by sending them data or commands. The system’s communication is logged in a first-in-first-out manner for easy analysis and can be directed to the clipboard or a file. You can send data in a variety of formats: string, decimal, hexadecimal, binary, octal, and mixed data.
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Real-life usage of Serial Port Analyzer

Q: What issues caused to you to look for an RS232 protocol analyzer?

David Coward: I needed the ability to log the activity of a computer’s serial port for an electronics project. I was receiving SMS messages sent from a mobile phone using a Microchip PIC device. An action would be taken based on the message and an SMS would be sent as a reply.

We required the ability to compare the messages that are being passed between the PC, the mobile phone, and chip. These messages travel very fast and we knew the right types of messages were being sent by using the “Oxygen” program and a mobile phone.

Comparing them became possible through the use of RS232 Analyzer. I could log the traffic between the software and the phone and then compare to logs made between the PIC and the phone. This enabled me to easily check that the device was operating properly.

Q: What are you using our product now for?

David Coward: I monitor transmission between the mobile phone and the Microchip PIC device with RS232 Protocol Analyzer.

Q: How did you actually benefit from using RS232 Analyzer?

David Coward: Serial Port Analyzer made it possible to perform monitoring and analysis that we could not accomplish previously. Your tool allowed me to analyze the PC software protocol used to communicate with a mobile phone so I could fine-tune my SMS control device.

RS232 Analyzer appealed to me right away. Its interface is easy to understand and use. The capability to save files for later analysis is a powerful feature that we use extensively.
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