Serial port forwarding over network – 'how-to' guide

Trying to access their local serial devices from a guest OS, users often face a problem. As practice shows, it's not always an easy task to forward a COM-based peripheral to a virtual environment.Virtual machines often don’t recognize devices connected to the host PCs. Thankfully, there's a dedicated software that is able to not only redirect any serial device over the network but provide your system with an unlimited number of virtual COM ports.

Let's see how Serial to Ethernet Connector works and how it can help you forward data to remote serial ports.

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Serial to Ethernet Connector

Connect serial ports over Ethernet
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Serial to Ethernet Connector


  1. Efficient software for COM port forwarding
  2. How to redirect serial ports over network
  3. Key advantages of the solution

Efficient software for serial port forwarding

Serial to Ethernet Connector is an advanced software solution designed for creating virtual serial interfaces and redirecting real and virtual COM ports over Ethernet. If there’s one thing the software generally does, it gives you new ways of managing your remote serial peripherals over LAN regardless of their physical location.

Serial to Ethernet Connector

While there are plenty of folks out there who use serial devices on the daily basis, those folks probably aren’t using dedicated software to share their valuable equipment over the network. RS232 to Ethernet Connector offers a simple and efficient method for forwarding local COM devices to any remote computer, including virtual machines and ARM-based platforms.

'How to' guide

Let's imagine that you need to access a printer physically attached to a COM port of your host PC from a guest OS running on your machine. Here's how you can forward serial port over network with Serial to LAN Connector:

  1. Download the software.

  2. Install the app on all machines that will participate in the serial communication. In this case, they will be your local computer with the printer attached (the server) and your virtual machine that will get remote access to the device (the client).

  3. Start the program on the server PC, adjust the 'Server connection' settings, and click 'Create connection'. This way you open the COM port with the printer attached for remote access.

  4. On the client machine, in the software interface open the 'Client connection' tab and specify the IP address of your server computer as well as the name of the COM port you need to connect to. Click 'Create connection'.

  5. Once connected, the guest OS will recognize the remote printer as though it were physically plugged into this virtual machine.

Key advantages of the solution

Serial Port Mapper is based on unique port virtualization technology that allows sharing COM ports over any distance. Let's have a look at some major advantages of the software tool.

  • Serial to Ethernet Connector supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. It's up to you to choose which platform will be the server or client. The program is cross-platform compatible.

  • The software will let you map serial ports and forward them over any network, including LAN, Ethernet, and the Internet.

  • With the app, you get the ability to share up to 500 serial port devices at a time.

  • The COM port mapping solution works as a Windows service. Once configured, the connection settings will be maintained when the app’s interface is closed and automatically reconfigured on system boot.

  • You can choose the data transmission protocol that will fit your needs better (e. g. RAW data transmission algorithm or Telnet (RFC 2217) protocol).