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Serial to Ethernet Connector
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    • (4.8),
    I represent SMA Microsolutions INC, a global provider of fitness center management software and solutions for IT infrastructure automation and management.

    We’ve been using USR-IOT controllers with the accompanying VCOM software for one of our projects. The VCOM app helps create virtual COM ports that are then connected to TCP serial interfaces. Given that VCOM doesn’t work as a service and it's limited to the desktop, its users can accidentally close the app which radically affects the operation of created virtual ports. To overcome this challenge, we needed a stable solution that would work as a service and allow uninterruptible connections to our TCP controllers.

    We decided to try Serial to Ethernet Connector and found it to be reliable and efficient. The software meets all of our technical requirements. Now we can reboot the computer and the virtual COM port works like any other COM port.
    • (4.9),
    I’m a product manager from Zealtech, Beijing. We produce serial port equipment for the TCP/IP network communications. Our hardware connects to computers via the virtual serial port and requires virtual COM port drivers on Windows-based systems. Our current virtual COM drivers are only compatible with the Windows 7 OS, so we decided to replace them with the up-to-date drivers.

    Serial to Ethernet Connector by Electronic Team allows us to connect our serial devices to the Ethernet network in such a way that they can exchange data with any networked computer. We installed Serial to Ethernet Connector on different machines to make it possible for our hardware to send data over the TCP/IP protocol. The software lets us use virtual COM ports as real COM ports.

    Now that we have Serial to Ethernet Connector, we don’t have to pay the extra cost for maintenance and upgrading of our virtual COM port drivers. In addition, Serial to Ethernet Connector supports all major Windows versions, it is just what we needed!
    • (5.0),
    The Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio Society (CVARS) is an amateur radio community from Canada that supports amateur radio operators.

    Steven Bradshaw, the Vice President of CVARS:

    Traditionally, the communications between computers, modems (known as Terminal Node Controllers) and radios have been managed using a patch bay. The device presents all the incoming and outgoing data to the operator. However, it’s difficult for the operator to lay the patch bay out so that the interconnections make visual sense.

    Also, the feed from USB and traditional DB style interfaces as well as some data sources like the GPS NMEA 0183 that we use needs to be shared among several clients at a time, which is quite difficult to achieve.

    Serial to Ethernet Connector by Electronic Team has made it possible. This app allows for complete flexibility in configuring and managing all our DTE/DCE hardware in a way that is easy to visualize, use and understand.

    Now all the DCE (GPS, TNC, etc.) is available to any of the DTE (computers) running client software that needs to use DCE.
    • (4.6),
    The business of the Paynet Kenya LTD., is information technology, with particular emphasis on electronic business solutions in the banking sector. We have a major investment in equipment including specialist items like hardware security modules which have a fairly high unit cost. These HSMs we have are connected serially.

    We needed to move one of the units to our Disaster Recovery Site. At the same time, we wanted to use the HSM for our test system that is based at our main site. This required us to share the serial device with the option of local and remote access.

    Now that we moved the HSM to the remote site, Serial to Ethernet Connector helps us access the hardware security modules from our test system as if it is local. When we need to activate our Disaster Recovery Site we are able to simply switch to our DRP located application and enable the HSM there to be used as the live unit.

    In this way, Serial to Ethernet Connector has saved us between 3000 and 10000 USD which we would have had to spend to purchase another HSM.
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