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Virtual Serial Port Emulator

Due to the lack of serial ports built into most modern computers, you may be faced with a situation where you are in need of interfaces that are not physically present on your machine. The solution to this dilemma is to use the power of Virtual Com Port Emulator to expand the capability of your system. Using this flexible communication software, you can create virtual serial ports. The interfaces created with this COM port emulator appear to your system as is they were physical ports. Applications using these serial ports will treat them as if they were real ports. You can use multiple pairs of ports simultaneously with this serial port emulation software.

Common problem

Most computers manufactured today are not equipped with physical COM ports. This is a major stumbling block for those individuals who need to interact with serial devices or applications. In these cases, the ability to emulate RS232 ports may be the only way to accomplish the task at hand.

How Serial Port Emulator solves it

This software allows you to emulate serial ports to create a null modem connection allowing applications to communicate without the need of any additional hardware. The virtual interfaces you create can be given custom names for enhanced usability. Pairs of virtual ports can be set up so they both receive data sent by a serial application at the same time.
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Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

Real-life usage of Virtual COM Port Emulator

Q: What issues caused you to turn to COM port emulation software?

Ham radio operator: As a ham radio operator, I am often in a position where I am called on to use my expertise and extensive communication equipment to set up radio communication systems on the fly. One of my primary tasks involved public emergency awareness and preparedness, such as after a hurricane or other natural disaster. I used a Windows 10 machine to interface with different applications as a volunteer to assist the community with preparedness and recovery. To perform my work, I needed a robust serial port emulator application that would rarely crash. Eltima’s Virtual Serial Port Emulator was the solution that stood up to my testing and offers me the features I require.

Q: What made you choose our product over competitors? Was there a determining feature that made it stand out for you?

Ham radio operator: Serial Port Emulator had everything I needed. It was fully functional, came with outstanding technical support, and was extremely stable. It’s easy to use and once set up does its thing without any unnecessary human intervention. Some virtual port emulators just present another problem to be solved. With Virtual COM Port Emulator that is never a concern.

Q: How did you benefit from using our solution?

Ham radio operator: Virtual Serial Port Emulator works exactly as advertised. It was easy to connect the serial applications I needed to perform my job. No hassles or surprises. It’s an excellent product that displays the results of top-notch engineering and implementation.
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