NEW! Totally-redesigned user interface of Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.0 for even easier connections creation and management!
Serial to Ethernet Connector Linux version for ARM-based devices is available! Now you can share serial ports on ARM devices or connect to remote devices. You are welcome to request an evaluation copy of this version here.
Note: you need D-Bus to be installed on your device to use this version.

Share serial port over network

Turn your computer into a serial server - share a COM port over the network with remote Linux and Windows machines.

COM port redirection inside virtual session

With Serial to Ethernet Connector it is easy to redirect serial ports to virtual PC, Hyper-V, VMWare, etc.

Access serial port over Ethernet

Thanks to Serial to Ethernet Connector you can create virtual serial port, connect an application to it and work with a serial port device or another application connected to a remote computer on the network.

Connect to serial device over IP

Serial to Ethernet Connector allows connecting to serial port devices, which are connected to the network directly. To achieve that you just have to create virtual client connection in Serial to Ethernet Connector and specify the address/port of the device.

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