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COM Port Redirector
Redirect Serial Data Over TCP/IP Network

Serial Port Redirector Overview

Serial Port Redirector is a software application that enables users to use a TCP/IP network connection to remotely access serial devices. The program achieves this through the use of virtual COM ports which it creates and uses to redirect serial data to a designated host using its TCP port and IP address.

COM Port Redirector utility replicates the characteristics of the physical serial ports and drivers that are used to access and control serial peripheral devices. COM redirector software is essentially a network serial communication tool that lets users gain full control over equipment in remote locations.

com port redirector
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How COM Port Redirector works

Serial Port Redirector interacts with applications through virtual COM ports that users can fully configure. When satisfying a request to open the port, the software uses the remote device’s IP address and TCP/UDP port number and creates a network connection to it. Once the connection is established, the serial port enables two-way data flow between the device server and the connected application.

With Serial Port Redirector you can

On the server-side: share local serial ports

When a server connection is created, the local serial port on the COM port redirector server is shared over the network, making it available to multiple remote machines. Using virtual serial ports enables you to access serial equipment from computers that are not equipped with physical COM ports. Virtual ports can be configured to completely emulate the configuration of a real serial interface.

On the client-side: connect to remote shared serial ports

Once a client connection is established, serial data redirection is enabled between the client’s virtual or physical COM interface and the server’s shared serial port. All you need to do from the client side is to provide the IP address and TCP port for the connection to begin redirecting serial devices over the network.

Redirect serial data over UDP

The ability to use the UDP/IP protocol increases the utility of this virtual serial port redirector. Redirecting COM ports over UDP allows serial data from connected devices to be redirected over local networks.

TTY Port Redirector for Linux

Serial IP Port Redirector acts as a command-line version of the Linux tty redirector. Serial Port Redirector for Linux supports the UDP protocol and allows cross-platform communication. A Windows or Linux machine can be either client or server, allowing more flexibility when sharing serial peripherals.

serial port redirector

Main Features of Serial Port Redirector

Full Virtual Serial Port Emulation

The RAW data transmission protocol can be selected for remote connections. This enables you to communicate by transmitting data without subjecting it to any formatting specified by other protocols or the application layer.

Runs as Windows service

The TCP serial port redirector software runs as a Windows service, making configured serial ports available at system reboot before users login to the machine. After the system is restarted all ports are automatically recreated, making it unnecessary to login to the OS or modify any parameters.

Advanced security

Data is protected during network transmission with encryption and access to shared devices can be restricted by required password authorization.

RFC2217 Support

Support for the RFC2217 protocol for communication with remote clients is provided by the serial redirector software. The standard client-server protocol lets you remotely connect to any machine acting as a serial device server.

Smart data sending

The software enables you to exert control over how serial data is sent over the network. You can add pauses between data packets to facilitate its use with connected applications. Data can also be accumulated in a buffer until time or size limitations are met before being transmitted to clients.

Full Virtual Serial Port Emulation

This serial IP redirector software provides full emulation of physical serial ports. The virtual COM ports that are created are recognized as if they were physical ports on the remote computer.

How to use Serial Port Redirector

Serial to Ethernet Connector replicates serial interfaces through the use of virtual ports that can be accessed over an IP-based network. This technique presents remote serial peripherals to remote clients as if they had a direct physical connection to the equipment.

Steps to redirect COM ports over TCP/IP network

Download Serial to Ethernet Connector and install it on the server that will share a physical port as well as all client machines that require access to the shared serial device.
Launch the software on the server and select “Server connection”.
Name the created connection, select the serial port for sharing, and type in the TCP port you want to use. and then click “Create”.
Start the program on a client computer and choose “Client connection” from the main menu.
Indicate the server’s name or IP address and the TCP port, and finally click “Create”.
COM port redirector Windows 10
After performing these simple steps the client computer will have full access and control over the shared serial port and any device that is connected to it. When using Serial Port Redirector on a Windows 10 computer, the Device Manager will recognize the remote device as if it were locally attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual serial port is a software emulation of a physical serial port. This allows the introduction of additional serial ports without resorting to using hardware such as expansion cards. You can create multiple virtual serial ports on a PC even if the machine is not equipped with physical COM interfaces.
Server and client connections are fundamentally the same. You can configure the software to create a single server providing access to multiple clients or have several servers connected to a lone client computer. Logically, the communication setup is more easily understood when you use the server for sharing serial ports while employing the client to connect to the shared interfaces and devices.
This COM port redirection software enables you to use any computer as a serial port server without requiring any additional hardware.
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