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Serial port Redirector

Serial to Ethernet Connector is an ideal serial port redirector for your virtual environment. Thanks to it you can easily work with local serial ports in a virtual session. This serial port redirector software supports Linux and Windows operating systems and is compatible with most of virtualization systems - VMWare, VMWare ESX, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc. All mentioned above provides you with the most convenient and effective COM port virtualization.
Available for Windows, Linux and Windows Mobile

Common problem

When working in a virtual environment, the real COM ports are inaccessible and you desperately need a virtual machine COM port - you just found the solution here!

How Serial to Ethernet Connector solves it

If you were looking for a port redirector from local machine to a virtualization system - you just found it here - serial port redirector download is available from this page. The fact is that Serial to Ethernet Connector organizes serial-port data passthrough to a guest OS of a virtual machine. All needed to do for that is install this serial IP COM port redirector on a computer which port you are going to use in a guest OS. Also install Serial to Ethernet Connector on a guest OS of a virtual machine which will be accessing this real port. Then simply set up the connection parameters and feel free to work with serial device as if it was directly connected to your virtual environment.
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Real-life usage of Serial to Ethernet Connector

Q: What challenges made you search for virtual pc COM port redirection software?

Lean Parker: We desperately needed to connect several COM ports on a physical device to a collection of virtual machines running on VMWare ESXi 4.1 host. We currently use your virtual serial ports product, and have had fantastic success with it. The VM's are running Windows XP SP3.

ESXi doesn't support the use of add-in serial uarts, so we were hoping to be able to use your serial to Ethernet product.
Personal Background: Lean Parker describes how he needs to connect COM ports on a physical device to a number of virtual machines and how Serial to Ethernet Connector helps him with that.

Q: Please describe how you are using Serial to Ethernet Connector now.

Lean Parker: We have 3 COM ports on a physical device that we connect to a number of virtual machines with VMWare ESXi 4.1. Your product provides us with the support of 115K serial connection, which is rather convenient.

Q: How did you benefit from using Eltima RS232 Ethernet server solution?

Lean Parker: Your product provided us with reliable connection at 115K baudrate and is more cost effective than various serial to Ethernet devices available on the market.

Share serial port over network

Turn your computer into a virtual server COM port station - Serial to Ethernet Connector gives you the possibility to share COM port over the network and use it at remote computers.

Access serial ports over network

With the help of Serial to Ethernet Connector you can easily create a virtual COM port, connect an application to it and work with serial application or device of a remote computer.

Access serial device over IP

Connect to serial devices that are directly connected to the network with the help of Serial to Ethernet Connector. Simply create virtual client connection in it and specify the IP address/TCP port of the device.

Serial port redirector for Vista, Linux, and more

Serial to Ethernet Connector makes redirecting serial ports to Hyper-V, Virtual PC, VMWare and other systems as easy as a pie.
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Serial to Ethernet Connector
Access remote serial port over IP Network for Windows
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