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Serial port to Ethernet

It can happen quite often that physical null-modem cable is just not enough for connecting an application to a serial port. You may need more flexible solution that won't keep you dependent on the distance. Serial to Ethernet Connector is a perfect RS-232 Ethernet cable program solution, which allows creating a virtual null-modem cable over network with no dependencies on the distance between the port itself and the application.
Available for Windows, Linux and Windows Mobile

Common problem

Computers on the network can communicate and exchange files, share folders and particular devices (e.g. printers). Imagine the situation when you need to run a program on a local computer and connect it to serial device or another serial application at the computer further than 15 meters away. You would think of RS-232 Ethernet adapter, wouldn't you?

How Serial to Ethernet Connector solves it

Serial to Ethernet Connector perfectly connects a serial application via Ethernet to serial port on a remote machine thus allowing working with serial port over Ethernet, no matter how far away the needed application or serial device is. You will just need to establish client-server connection between the machines.

For that install Serial to Ethernet Connector - an essential Ethernet serial adapter software - on a client machine (the one with the application running) and create virtual serial port there. Also install Serial to Ethernet Connector on a server side - the machine with serial device connected to a real serial port. As a result you created a serial tunnel or a kind of virtual null-modem cable, with the data transferred from a serial port to Ethernet with the help of Serial to Ethernet Connector.
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Real-life usage of Serial to Ethernet Connector

Q: What challenges made you search for virtual serial port Ethernet kind of software?

Warren Postma: We design software that controls various hardware and instrumentation products, usually through serial port communications. We need a solution for the problem where the developer is in his office, but the equipment he needs to attach to, to do his software development work, or to troubleshoot a particular problem, is located in the back area of the building, far away from where the developer works.
Personal Background: Tekran Instruments Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced systems for ambient and point-source mercury monitoring. Tekran Instruments representative, Warren Postma, describes in which ways his company deploys Serial to Ethernet Connector by Eltima.

Q: Please, describe how you are using our serial port to Ethernet product now.

Warren Postma: We use the server part to share com ports on a PC or laptop which we place in our building, beside the equipment we need to control. Then the developers connect over the network to use the equipment, which is communicating to our software, which we are writing and improving, without having to have our developers work right beside the hardware they are using to test their software's serial communications code.

Q: How did you benefit from using Eltima rs232 Ethernet server solution?

Warren Postma: We don't have to take our PCs apart ten times a week and move them around, and we found that other serial-to-ethernet solutions were harder to use, and less reliable, so they were frustrating us. We like the Eltima software quite a bit as it makes using our systems easier. Eltima's Serial to Ethernet Connector works great for us, and saves us from having to run 500 foot long serial cables, or from moving our developer workstations around the building to locate them next to the particular hardware we need to use at any particular time.

Share serial port over Ethernet

Serial to Ethernet Connector is an ultimate RS-232 Ethernet converter program - you can easily share a COM port over Ethernet and access it from remote Linux or Windows machines, no matter how far away they are.

Access remote COM port over Ethernet

Serial to Ethernet Connector helps you extend 15 meters limitation of RS-232 via Ethernet making serial port accessible for much more remote machines on the network. It can help you create a virtual serial port, connect an application to it and make it work with a remote serial device or another application with no cables needed.

Work with serial device over IP

Serial to Ethernet Connector allows connecting to remote serial port devices, which are directly connected to the network. It’s easy to achieve: create virtual client connection in Serial to Ethernet Connector and indicate the IP address/port of the device you want to connect to.

COM port redirection in the virtual session

Serial to Ethernet Connector offers essential option of redirecting serial ports to such virtualization systems as Virtual PC, VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.
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